Successful Instruction in a Multi-Cultural Classroom Successful Instruction in a Multi-Cultural Classroom

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Successful Instruction in a Multi-Cultural Classroom
Successful Instruction in a Multi-Cultural Classroom
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This 4 week Moodle course is designed for secondary teachers who have English language learners (ELLs) in their classrooms. These learners may be international students or immigrants to the United States.

The course explores important aspects of teaching content to ELLs. By the end of the course, you should be able to explain how the various materials and approaches presented will help you support the ELLs in your classes. You will be able to choose appropriate materials and apply varied classroom activities to improve student learning.

This is a five hour course that begins on the first of each month and will remain open for the remainder of that month.

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Summary: A great resource in our goal to support ELL students

Rating: By: Alejandro Ulloa
Review On: 1/13/2015 9:29:53 PM
I am a High School Social Studies teacher in a school with a large number of International students in our ELL program.  I took this course in the Fall of 2014 and I found it to be both eye opening and useful.  This is a course that does a great job of communicating the unique experience of an ELL student while simultaneously providing practical ways to effectively work with and support ELL students.  It also gave opportunity for me to reflect on my current practices and how they can be improved for reaching ELL students, as well as others.  Having been an ELL student myself when I entered Kindergarten, I have a strong desire to see our schools thrive when it comes to supporting and reaching our ELL students; something that can be very challenging and complex, but also well worth the effort.  A focused and thorough course like this is really helpful in that growth.  I believe individual teachers and school communities have a lot to gain from this class and I highly recommend it.
Summary: Adjunct Faculty/Admissions Director

Rating: By: Jessa Williams
Review On: 1/7/2015 6:41:42 PM
I found this course to be very helpful and practical as an educator of ELL learners.  By understanding the cultural adjustments as well as the language development of ELL students including other notable topics, I feel I've gained a greater understanding of my ELL students.  The discussion forums allowed me to apply the content I studied but also hear from other colleagues that offer great practical ideas as well.  This course helped me to work towards making stronger connections with my ELL students and to help make for stronger teaching.  I will use the course material as a continual reference as an educator.
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